Why is it necessary to purify water during the monsoon season?

During the monsoon season, the hot summer heat is greatly reduced. Although we enjoy the cool climate of the monsoon season, it also brings along a number of diseases. In the rainy season, water quality gets severely compromised. This is because open water can contaminate clean water by seeping into underground tanks, wells, and damaged pipes, making them unfit for household consumption.
In general, unfiltered water has a high probability of containing bacteria, metallic rust elements, toxic materials such as copper, lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, chromium, pesticides, fertilizers, and other contaminants.
If heavy rain or flooding occurs, stagnant water can be a carrier of multiple illnesses, including cholera, jaundice, cramps in the stomach, viruses, bacteria, and more based on the level of contamination, dirt, dust, pollution, and toxins.
In order to prevent these diseases from spreading, we need a water purification process that is effective. The majority of us have adapted to various methods of purifying water. During the monsoon season, however, it is important to purify the water properly, including using a water purifier and getting water purifier service promptly.
Hence, this monsoon season, ensure the safety of your health and that of your loved ones by wisely choosing the right method for water purification.