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Why clean and safe drinking water is still a struggle in Indian cities

Clean and safe drinking water, which we consider as a basic right, is still a dream for millions in our country? Why, you may ask. Reasons are many.

  • Water pollution in India is not limited to a specific region

Many rivers in India are polluted, especially with toxic metals. Metals like fluoride, which cause teeth discolouration and potentially other health concerns, have already been reported in the ground water of Amravati-Nagpur and the coastal south Konkan, where 93% of the residents depend on it for daily consumption.

  • India’s ever expanding population and the need for clean and safe drinking water

With India’s population expected to touch 150 crore by 2040, the need for clean drinking water is only going to escalate. The groundwater level is already on the decline in 56% of the country.

Currently, water demand in the corridor is shared by farmers (83%), industries (10%) and cities (7%). Governments have its hands full as far as finding solutions are concerned.

         However, citizens also have a responsibility as far as water pollution is concerned. Ensuring sewage treatment, using zero plastic, water saving initiatives are simple yet effective methods to reduce water pollution. Aquaura water filters use 100% eco-friendly ceramic candles and do not waste water in the name of filtration.