Aquaguard Water Purifier Service in Trivandrum

How to Choose the Right Aquaguard Water Purifier in Trivandrum

Aquaguard is a highly reputed brand & a popular choice when it comes to picking a quality water purifier for your home. However, given the variety of models available in the market, you are required to choose the one that meets specific requirements. 

Here are some key factors to consider while selecting the right Aquaguard water purifier for your home:

Type of Purifier

Aquaguard offers various types of water purifiers, including RO, UV, and UF purifiers. Each one has its unique features, advantages, and limitations. 

Quality of water

Based on the TDS levels, hardness, and presence of contaminants in the water in your area, you can choose a suitable model that meets your needs.


The capacity of an Aquaguard water purifier refers to the amount of water it can purify in a particular interval, for example in a day. You should choose a capacity that is suitable for your daily water consumption needs. 


Aquaguard water purifiers are available in different price ranges. You can select a model that fits your budget while ensuring that it has all the necessary features to meet your water quality requirements.

Maintenance and Customer Support

Consider the availability of Aquaguard water purifier service, including maintenance services and after-sales support in your area. Ensure that the service center is accessible and can provide timely service. 

For better functioning, your Aquaguard water purifiers need timely maintenance and service. Let it be any brand, we, at Aquara, can help you with quality Water Purifier Services in Trivandrum to support the functioning of water purifiers.