Water Purifier Service in Trivandrum

Everything you need to know about the principles underlying the operation of water purifiers

Water is one of the basic necessities for all life forms. With less than 1% of accessible fresh water and the current scenario of contamination and depletion of water bodies, water purifying systems have become inevitable. Contaminated drinking water often causes many diseases that are hazardous to life. Thus, it is necessary to ensure the quality of drinking water. Water quality varies from place to place due to various factors such as topography, climate, vegetation, human activities, etc. Different types of water thus require different kinds of treatment. Nowadays, water purifier manufacturers are trying to find technologies that can
eliminate all the impurities in water and retain its mineral composition. Let’s take a look at the existing technologies behind the water purifiers available on the market.
Reverse Osmosis (RO)
It is the process used to separate ions (dissolved salts) and larger molecules. Applying pressure, water passes through a semipermeable membrane. Pollutants like nitrates, lead, arsenic, fluorides, bacteria, etc. are removed.
Ultrafiltration (UF)
It is also a membrane based technology but does not require additional pressure. It filters out bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that are of molecular size.
Ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection
In this method, water is subjected to UV rays emitted from a small lamp. This kills all the microbes present in it. These dead microbes are then filtered out using other filtration methods.
Activated carbon (AC) filters
The organic impurities in the water get adsorbed to the large pores on the activated carbon surface. Chlorine is also filtered out using AC filters.
Sediment filters
These filters are used to separate dirt, rust, and other sediments from water. Sediment filters are often used together with other filters since they do not remove any other harmful chemicals.
Water purifier manufacturers use these technologies in various combinations to serve clean drinking water to their consumers. Thus, Water Purifiers are complex structures which requires constant maintenance and repair services.