Water Purifier Service in Trivandrum

Common Problems associated with RO water purifiers

Water purifiers are complex systems that are now commonly used in most households. They
require constant servicing and maintenance in order to ensure smooth operation. RO water
, being a bit more complex, require trained professionals to deal with their problems.
Let’s take a look at common problems associated with water purifiers.
Water purifier not turning on or not working
If you’ve just installed the purifier and it is not turning on, just check whether it is installed
properly. If it has been installed perfectly and still isn’t turning on, it may be because of a
problem in the power switch or in any other electrical component. There can also be cases like
the purifier working fine for a long time and suddenly not working. This can be due to many
reasons, and you need to call an experienced technician to rectify the issue.
Bad odour and taste
Sometimes the filtered water may have a foul smell or bad taste. These may be due to damaged
or clogged filters. In certain cases, the RO membrane itself may be damaged. It is advised to
clean the filters occasionally and replace them if necessary.
Noise and vibrations in the purifier
The noises and vibrations in the filters may arise due to the wear and tear of various parts in the
RO pump. Improper lubrication of the bearings or damaged parts can cause loud noises from the
purifier. Loose connecting wires or pipes can cause vibrations.
Sometimes the noises and vibrations arise due to the pressure difference or trapped air bubbles
within the pipe. These can generally occur right after cleaning or changing filters. You don’t
have to worry about these as they are caused by a change in water pressure.
Water Leakage
It is one of the most common problems associated with water filters. They are mainly caused by
damaged or loose water pipes and connectors. Approach an RO service technician to rectify this
Unusual amounts of rejected water
Most RO purifiers produce waste water. If you notice an increase in the quantity of rejected
water, then it may be time to replace the RO membrane. The root cause of this issue is typically a
choked RO membrane.

Drinking water should be kept clean and devoid of dissolved impurities. Thus, it is necessary to
ensure that your water purifier is in good working condition. So, never forget to get your water
purifier serviced from time to time.